Best Cottage Locations In The Hampshire

Best Cottage Locations In The Hampshire

Hawk Conservancy in Andover

Tucked away just outside of Andover, not far off the A34 leading to the M5, lies a little-known secret; the Hawk Conservancy. As you enter the entrance, you’re greeted by a friendly member of staff and given a quick safety briefing. Then it’s time to suit up, before heading out into the open air arena where you can watch flying displays. I might be north of the river, but Andover hasn’t been forgotten when it comes to my pastime of keeping a beady eye on places to visit.

Meet Hawk Conservancy: a magical place which can fill your heart with soaring raptor joy, so fly on down for a rare treat, Hampshire List (hampshire-list.co.uk). I've just published an article on a local attraction - The Hawk Conservancy in Andover - which is the perfect place to visit whether you're looking for an educational and exciting day out, or if you want to add a touch of fun for your little ones. Hawking Conservancy in Andover. Have you ever wondered if there was a place where you could meet live owls? Well if you are in the area then why not check it out by visiting the Hawk Conservancy in Andover.

Hawk Conservancy in Andover. Set within acres of countryside and created to protect birds of prey, the Hawk Conservancy gives visitors the opportunity to meet live owls, watch flying displays, and more. The Hawk Conservancy is a charity dedicated to the rescue and conservation of birds of prey. They offer daily flying displays, as well as educational talks for children. '. Many are also home to working farms or industries which are a vital part of the local economy.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

You’d be forgiven for taking one look at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and thinking it was a museum. It is a museum, of sorts. But it’s also so much more than that. The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is located on Portsmouth’s Southsea waterfront beside the regular Royal Naval base. From the outside, the only way you’d know you were in anything apart from a Navy museum would be because of the ships parked out front. The visit is really pretty, with palatial buildings and well-planted grounds.

The dockyard starts with a look at the Royal Navy from its early days until now. There are plenty of model ships and a timeline to put everything into context. The tour doesn’t take long, but there’s time to linger over the exhibits, especially for someone like me who has always been fascinated by ships and boats. This historic dockyard brings to life the story of the Royal Navy, from the past up to the present.

Located in a working naval base, the dockyard boasts a museum and old ships. Visitors can explore HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, which are docked at Victory Jetty, or take a peek into the HMS Alliance, a submarine capture ship now used as an interactive museum. The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a great places to visit if you would like to learn about the Navy. It has a very interesting museum that takes you back through the history of the Navy and lets you understand how it has evolved over time.

Paultons Park in Romsey

Described as the most interactive family attraction, Dinosaur World, in the heart of The Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park has a mix of real and animatronic dinosaurs. I might not be much of a dinosaur fan (sorry to everyone having a meltdown from that comment) but a visit to Lost Kingdom or Peppa Pig World is definitely on my list of things to do this spring. As well as Dinosaur World, the park has an outdoor theatre, indoor waterpark, rides and lots more.

Perfect for the whole family to spend a day out having fun. Visiting family in Romsey and want to find something to do? If you're a dinosaur-lover, then Paultons Park is heaven for you. Paultons Park features several themed areas of the park such as the Lost Kingdom and Peppa Pig World. The Lost Kingdom features dinosaurs -- many of which move -- while Peppa Pig World is geared towards children and features Peppa Pig fun-fairs, playgrounds and rides.

If you're looking for places nearby, then there are plenty of wonderful things to do in the New Forest. Specially adapted carousels and rides make Paultons Park a great day out for all the family. Peppa Pig World is an indoor play area for little ones, while Dinosaur World will interest older kids and parents alike with its prehistoric theme. Paultons Park is the perfect place to entertain and educate your family. With a huge range of rides, shows and attractions there’s something for everyone.

Paultons Park is set in the breathtaking New Forest National Park, only 45 minutes from Southampton and one hour from London. Paultons Park in Romsey. Dinosaur theme park Lost Kingdom and Peppa Pig World are just some of the attractions at Paultons Park. Set within New Forest, the park makes for the perfect family day out. You can get full days out at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, but here are some highlights to give you an idea of what to see:.

HMS Warrior 1860 in Portsmouth

For a country with over three hundred year of seafaring history, the Victorian era is notably absent from our maritime heritage. From the stability of our coastline to the dramatic emergence of Cornwall as a focus for the study of maritime archaeology, what we have here in the U. K. is greatly weighted towards the navy of Nelson and The British Empire at the turn of the 19th, rather than early, 19th-century designs. But with HMS Warrior 1860 in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, we can witness how an iron-hulled, steam-powered battleship was just part of Britains naval future which would lead first to an unrivalled fleet, and then to greater things still.

Resting in Portsmouths Historic Dockyard, Britains first armoured warship is an attraction and museum. Once, this iron-hulled hulk was at the forefront of naval design, and it continues to inspire. The HMS Warrior 1860 is located in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The massive iron-hulled ship once sat at the forefront of naval design, and continues to inspire. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard has become the first attraction in the South West to be included on Google Street View.

Ringwood Brewery

I visited this brewery in January 2017. It was a fine experience. This is a working brewery situated in Ringwood, Hampshire. The current brewer is Ben Rimmer; he has been with the brewery since October 2015: this is when Ringwood re-launched after a 2-year hiatus, following purchase and renovation of the former Hogs Back Brewery site by Fuller, Smith and Turner. As can be seen on the Ringwood Brewery website ( www. ringwoodbrewery. com ), production of ales began in September 2016; since then about six regular ales have been brewed and two seasonals.

The regular ales are all named after local roads — for example, we had 'Three Mile Ale', 'Ringwood Road No 8. Ringwood Brewery is one of New Jersey's top tourist attractions. The brewery, founded in 1989, creates traditional British ales using all natural ingredients to produce a range of unique and flavorful products. Visitors are greeted by a friendly host who guides them through the brewing process and displays a selection of various Ringwood Ales.

The Ringwood Brewery was built on family traditions, and is now carrying on the tradition for another generation of Osbornes. Kevin and Ivor have put their heads together again to produce some very high quality cask ales that are available in all good pubs and off sale from the brewery tap. Looking for a lovely place to spend this weekend? Well, you can check out the Ringwood Brewery, then. It’s tucked in the woods and overlooks the French Broad River.

But before you get there, here are 10 fast facts about this famous brewery:. The Ringwood Brewery creates great tasting beers, has a comfortable bar, indoor games and is open for tours. There are also many other interesting places nearby to visit. The Ringwood Brewery is a focus on quality and the use of the finest natural ingredients. Just follow our Tour, and you'll see how. With a range of attractions and activities, you can truly tailor your holiday to suit you.