Explore New Forest Hampshire

Explore New Forest Hampshire

The New Forest Coastline

The New Forest is an ancient area of almost 2000 hectares and it is located in South Hampshire. The settlements within the forest are a mixture of small villages, hamlets and farms.  New Forest gained protection back in 1877 when the Crown restrained to protect the commoners’ rights and soon after that in 1895 it became registered as a National Park.  The New Forest is often referred to as “England’s first national park” because it was at the forefront of the public movement to demand better protection for their dwindling woodlands.

New Forest coast is a gem for walkers, cyclists and even horse riding, Hampshire List (hampshire-list.co.uk). It features more than 80 miles of magnificent coastline, with a large number of bays and secluded coves that hardly ever feel crowded. You can not only enjoy walking but also diving, sailing, canoeing or horse riding. The coastline of the New Forest, and the other National Parks in England, are some of the most beautiful in Europe. They are also well protected by using the.

Walks in the New Forest National Park

This is a classic walk that takes you through some of the best scenery found in The New Forest National Park. Sights of beautiful ornamental ponds, waterfalls, and a hidden hollow carpeted in ferns will grab your attention while you travel on stone-walled paths. This walk takes about four hours.  The first section of the walk travels southwards to the village of Beaulieu. After visiting the village and taking lunch at the pub you can either turn left outside the village and follow an old-established circular route back to where you started (approx 8 hours) or   continue on down to the heart of The New Forest National Park and return on a long circular route via Longford, Wareham, Brockenh.

Like manv other areas in England, the New Forest area is ancient moorland. The first time the name New Forest appeared was in A. D. 921 in Oxfordmanuscript 1086. This name may refer to the new clearance of forest following the suppression of monasteries under King Henry I or the establishent of the new deer parkas part of his Hartleybury Estate. Or it could be a reference to a large forest that was not clearedAn area roughly equivalent to the district administered by the New Forest National Park Authority.

-the old forestwhich covered much of southern England. The New Forest National Park is a beautiful place for walking. Theres really too many paths to count as there are so many woodlands, lakes, hills and valleys. I love exploring this park with my dog and can't wait to share some of the walks weve completed so far. Other deer are taken only for their antlers. Birds found in the skies above SSSIs include Eurasian sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus), common buzzard (Buteo buteo), common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), merlin (Falco columbarius), peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), black redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros) and Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus).

Cycling in the New Forest National Park

The New Forest National Park is not only great for road cyclists, but also cyclists who enjoy the countryside and taking in the fresh air on a bicycle. It features over 3,500 miles of cycle routes and over 200 “Blue” signposted cycle routes for families. When someone thinks of cycling in the UK, they often imagine a long and arduous ride through hilly terrain. The fantastic thing about cycling in the New Forest National Park is that easy accessibility belies what can be found within its borders.

The New Forest in south-west England is a popular destination for road bike riders all over the world. Whether you are a hardened pro, a weekend warrior or simply enjoy being on the road, we have routes and challenges to suit everybody. One of the best cycling routes in the New Forest National Park is A35, which is a major road running between Ringwood and Fordingbridge. The road offers plenty of space for cyclists and the scenery is great with many country views.

Eating and Drinking in the New Forest National Park

If you want a taste of the New Forest, then there are many ways to do this. Many of us associate pubs with beer and cider, but fine wines are an equally popular choice (and some pubs offer both). If you cannot make it to the New Forest itself, you can sample local produce at any number of top quality restaurants or farm shops in England. There are many eateries to choose from in Lymington alone, which can be found on the High Street and other areas of the town.

Two of the finest locations to eat are the Golden Lion in St Helens Street, and the New Forest Hotel where lovely food and friendly staff make for a memorable visit. To really get a feel for the New Forest it’s best to explore by walking and visiting its splendid villages. You should also sample its culinary delights as the local produce is celebrated in locally-sourced restaurants, pubs, shops and delicatessens. There are lots of great places to eat in the New Forest, from one-off country pubs to fine dining restaurants.

And there are more and more opening all the time!. Come and join us and discover all the good reasons to eat and drink in the New Forest National Park, one of our favourite southwest tourist attractions:. Cycling in the New Forest National Park is an exciting way to spend a relaxing, adventurous or mountainous weekend.  Situated just south east of Southampton, The New Forest is a mix of open countryside and densely packed woodland.

Events in the New Forest National Park

One of the things that attracted us to the New Forest National Park is the countryside events.  These are great because you can explore the local forest, usually for free, and see things like shadow puppet theatre, magic, painting demonstrations, winter stilt walkers, summer pony rides and so much more! We’ve gone to a few festivals in the national park like Festival on the Forest, which is a music festival held in August at Brockenhurst College and Music on Common, which is a music festival in October held on Southampton Common.


The New Forest is situated in the South East of England and covers 386 square miles. It is a designated National Park, and is made up of common land, and Royally owned land including The Queen’s residence, and a number of private estates including Brockenhurst College in the village of the same name by the forest’s boundary. Originally it was much larger than it is now has having been diminished at various points in its long history by both royal decree as well as by earthen encasement to create additional farmland.

The New Forest National Park is a region of outstanding natural beauty that has been preserved for nearly 1000 years. It is home to a great variety of iconic landmarks such as Bucklands Brewery, The Lindens Bird and Wildlife Gardens and The New Forest Centre. In additional to breath-taking scenery, fresh air and fun activities, the New Forest is a diverse and multicultural area with shopping, restaurants and cosmopolitan cities all nearby. The New Forest area is easily reached from the South of England and just a short drive from the major cities of Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth.

Home to as much wildlife, trees and small villages as you could ever wish for, its just as popular with visitors from overseas. If you are looking for a mini-break this is an ideal location to set yourself up in for a day trips out or even a weekend away. This past month the New Forest National Park was granted National Park status and it is something we are extremely proud to be a part of.

To celebrate our special town, the Bell Inn is holding a special event on October 21st where you can join us for a trip to the Lake District in search of the elusive 'Big Foot'. all for just £5 per person!. The New Forest has a lot to offer from walking and cycling routes, to browsing the shops, and taking in the beautiful views of nature. The area is perfectly suited for couples and families alike, as there are plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy.

Road Directions

The New Forest is easily accessible via the major motorway networks of the M3 and M27, and is served by public transport. A visitor to the forest will find that the network of roads is generally very good, often changed and improved over the years to cope with visitors'needs. The road network in the forest is constantly changing but there are a number of main routes which are well signposted. To plan your journey to the New Forest by car, visit the National Express website or enter your chosen route into Google Maps.

If you are driving from the South East, allow about 90 minutes for a scenic drive through Winchester and Romsey onto Lymington and Beaulieu Road. The New Forest is easily accessible by the major motorway networks of the M3 and M27, and is served by regular public transport.  There are local bus services around the area to help you get to your destination. There are regular weekly town markets in Hythe, Lymington, New Milton, Hampshire farmers markets in Ringwood, and various New Forest producer markets.

A Place of Beauty and Mystery

The New Forest is a unique place in the south of England. It is the largest area of public land in Southern England, and covers an area of around 69,000 hectares (167,043 acres). The crown has owned it since 1225, and the royal family still enjoys their time here today. Established before the Saxons arrived, this forest was originally named “New Forest” in an attempt to stop people from cutting down all the trees. The name has stuck ever since.

This mystery also has its roots in Britain. Have you ever walked through an English woodland and found your thoughts turning to William the Conqueror? Well, neither have I, but it’s not impossible. The New Forest in southern England is perhaps most famous for being one of the hunting grounds of King William Rufus (who died by the suspiciously novel method of an arrow in the buttock (don’t ask)). But today it is much more famous for its many walking trails and nature reserves.

The New Forest is a wonderful place for exploring. This beautiful area shimmers with the golden sun, whose golden rays dance between the green trees to touch the red-colored soil. The green grass seems to whisper and whisper quietly as if telling you that you’re interested in its secrets. Over here, fascinating wildlife has built an interesting ecosystem independently without human interference. The New Forest area is situated in the south of England and is the westernmost part.

It’s around 40 kilometers in size (24 miles). The New Forest was founded in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror who used it as a hunting ground while preparing his crusade to topple King Harold. The word new denotes its relatively young existence. A place of beauty and mystery. The New Forest, located in the south of England, is the place where William the Conqueror used to hunt. Today, this beautiful woodland area with the footpaths has interesting flora and fauna.