Farm Shops In Hampshire

Farm Shops In Hampshire

Danebury Vineyards

Vineyards can be a thing of beauty. They offer unique views that are often admired by those who visit or live nearby. Vineyards of course also give us the fruits of our passion for wine, which make them a truly magnificent sight! Vineyards aren’t just about the grapes, though – it’s a whole lot more than that…. We offer a range of products, which includes wine, claret, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and semillon. If you are looking for a gift for the discerning wine drinker or before they know they are wine drinkers, we also have an extensive selection of premium wines in our shop, as well as unique gifts.

We have a strong dedication to producing consistent wines of fine flavour with a fresh character, Hampshire List (hampshire-list.co.uk). We know our vines care for us and we want to be able to look after them. That is why our vines are planted using sustainable methods. In October 2017, I visited ‘Danebury Vineyards’ with a group of fellow bloggers, vineyard owners and wine enthusiasts. It was arranged by Annie Riggott of Indie Travel Podcast. Looking for family-owned vineyards? We hand pick the finest natural wines, and offer many more varieties.

Franklyns Fish Farm

They began life as a fish hatchery in the 1930s, but let's face it - fish farms are more than just a hatchery. They're much more than that. For a lot of us, growing and catching our own food is what produces the best tastes and drives home-cooking to another level.  So for those who enjoy getting down and dirty in nature, true fisher/crafters can never truly be satisfied by anything found in a shop.

If you're one of these people, then fresh fish will always elude you - until now. Franklyns Fish Farm have a selection of freshwater trout which they will deliver to your door. A salmon leap from the cool, clear waters of the Alre as it meanders through its native heathland. Two miles south in Alresford, amongst the tranquil rhythms of rural life, Franklyns pride themselves upon delivering the freshest possible produce. A family farm that has remained a family affair for four generations.

Franklyns Fish Farm nestles by the River Alre on the outskirts of Alresford. Families go fishing in our local stream, which runs through our farm, or explore the nearby nature trail that passes through Alresford forest. Franklyns Fish Farm.  Nestled by the River Alre, in the outer-reaches of Alresford, Franklyns Fish Farm are experienced growers of trout. There is a wide variety of accommodation in Southampton which include city centre hotels such as the Hilton, Hilton next door to the City Hall and Holiday Inn on Above Bar Street.

Hockeys Farm Shop

Hockeys Farm Shop has over 20 years of experience; We are acclaimed New Forest Butchers, supplying local restaurants and butchers world wide with our products. All the meat we produce here on the farm is from our own animals and reared in accordance with strict standards, using traditional farming methods. Our lovely smallholding is also home to several rare breed animals including New Forest Pigs,. Brief description: Hockeys Farm Shop and butchers is a family-run smallholding and farm shop in the New Forest, between Ringwood and Fordingbridge.

Throughout the year, we sell free range, home-reared chickens; heritage bronze, reds and whites; Cornish cross broilers; as well as home-made pork pies that have won prizes at the South Downs Show. Hockeys Farm Shop is a family-run smallholding of 24 acres 'owned by dad and run by mum, sons and daughter-in-law. It is mixed farm with various animals: cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens and ducks. Hockeys Farm Shop. Hockeys Farm Shop and butchers is a family-run smallholding and farm shop in the New Forest, between Ringwood and Fordingbridge.

Honesty Coffee Shop, Kingsclere

Opening in April 2014, this is the second project for Geoff Livingstone and his wife Rachel. Previously the couple created The Village Bakehouse in Kingsclere, a venture which proved popular from day one. This popularity meant fast forward nearly two years, they found themselves faced with a small dilemma. A scenario where they were looking for somewhere new to set up shop. Just up the road from The Village Bakehouse sat empty units, which were previously home to two other high street favourites, The Old Shop and Waterwheel Design Studio.

          In their research, Geoffrey found that coffee shops were often over looked by entrepreneurs; opting for already established businesses such as restaurants or bars in the saturated hospitality sector. However after meeting with Richard Bowman and Mark. Before I begin this review, let me say that I've been to Honesty countless times. There is something very special about the honesty coffee shop, it makes you feel at home and the staff are wonderful.

When people think of coffee shops, they often think of Starbucks - overpriced drinks, loud music and unfriendly staff. However, Honesty Coffee Shop offers a refreshingly different experience with a range of home made snacks, loose leaf teas and coffees, as well as tasty sandwiches. If you read my blog, you may remember that I recently went to the newly opened Honesty Coffee Shop in Kingsclere. I am a big fan of it’s sister cafe, the Honesty Tea Company in Pyrford – so I was hoping that this would live up to it’s reputation.

The idea behind Honesty Coffee is simple – there is an honesty box by the coffee machine and customers pay for the amount they consume. This coffee shop is no different – but I will come onto that later. You walk in and you’re greeted by a friendly face, and you can either sit down on one of their small benches to enjoy your coffee outside (on a summer's day that doesn't mean you have to take your coat off).

Honesty Coffee is a place where you can be 100% honest because the same goes for them. They will always give you the opportunity to pay what you think your drink, sandwich or cake is worth. I had heard of the shop some time ago and recently walked past, getting a glimpse of the food displays in the window, steam rising from coffee cups along the dash. I’d been attracted to new food places in and around Newbury so decided to go for an evening meal there.

Pothecary Gin

Martin and Lukas, two friends with a passion for craft gin, have joined forces to create a truly superb gin. Their new distillers'company, [ Pothecary Gin ], combines both traditional and modern techniques in the pursuit of the perfect gin. A fine example of this is their use of copper pot stills, a rare process in the world of gin distillation. Copper is essential in the creation of fine spirits due to it’s ability to effectively and consistently affect flavour compounds during distillation.

Pothecary Gin is a real slice of the modern ecosystem. The principal raw materials come from family-run co-operatives of small-scale growers, who are deeply committed to their land and local traditions. Their dedication and attention to detail, allied with an unwavering commitment to quality, ensures that their produce has a spirit and character all of its own. This positive review of Pothecary Gin appears on B-Side London, a blog founded by two friends who share a love of music, film, fashion and food.

Raimes English Sparkling Wine

Raimes is the only UK Sparkling wine producer accredited under both the prestigious British Retail Consortium and Betterware (home cleaning products company) standards for ethical, sustainable production. Their close bond with the local community, their committed and passionate workforce, and their highly awarded wines have resulted in them being recognised as one of the top ten wine producers in England. And now, Raimes is also a member of the Small Vineyard Association!. Raimes is the latest venture for Chris and Tom Raimes.

The brothers who have years of experience in crafting premium wines, founded their base in Botley. By establishing Raimes, they aim to create a name firmly established as a leading sparkling wine producer, with the help of some high-end equipment like their new pneumatic press. I've been a huge fan of English sparkling wines for some time, but just recently, sommelier friends and colleagues have been asking me about a particular wine— Raimes English Sparkling Wine.

Their curiosity was triggered after they saw the wine make its entry to the U. K. market. Wine with a view? You bet. Raimes’ vineyard is located in the heart of the Hampshire South Downs National Park. A spectacular landscape to our south which takes pride of place in our sparkling wines and inspires us every day. In a world increasingly dominated by international branded wines, the Raimes family are passionate about expressing the unique character of the grapes in their vineyards, giving an English wine an exciting identity.

Southern Co-op

Many families around the world need the best-quality food available and they look to reliable local providers like Southern Co-op for expertly sourced, consistently fresh products. Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide only products of the highest quality and value – always…. Southern Co-operative is a local convenience store ​​specialis in the finest local produce and drink. Since our inception back in 2004 we have experienced significant growth, expanding to over 70 stores and employing approximately 900 people across the North East of England.

Tipsy Wight

For centuries, the Isle of Wight has been a cultural melting pot of people and ideas. It's the perfect place for a laid back, relaxed approach to premium spirits production. The Tipsy Wight distillery team are passionate, local spirits producers. They take pride in their creative process and want you to enjoy 'the tipsy wight experience'. Using only 100% natural ingredients, Tipsy Wight is produced on the Isle of Wight so it tastes better and leaves less of an environmental footprint than mass produced liquers.

If there is one thing known about the Isle of Wight, it is that it is famous for the amount of alcohol it produces. Yes there is a couple of distilleries on the island, but what if I told you that an island famed for it’s alcohol production also had its own vodka?. It really is true. Tipsy Wight Vodkas are made on the island, using natural ingredients from local businesses, and distilled on site at their distillery on the Northpoint Ind Est.

Tipsy Wight was founded in 2010 on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England. We produce flavoured vodkas and liqueurs using all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or additives. We source as much of our raw materials as possible from local suppliers, and work closely with some of the finest producers on the Island to create flavours that are subtly complex. Tipsy Wight is a micro-distillery on the Isle of Wight, producing flavoured vodkas and liquers using 100% natural ingredients.

We currently produce four bases; cranberry vodka, cherry vodka, lemon vodka and a blackcurrant liqueur. Tipsy Wight is a manufacturer of premium quality, award winning flavoured vodka and liqueur for the on-trade market and also the food manufacturing market. Flavoured Vodkas & Liquers produced using 100% natural ingredients from the Isle of Wight. Southern Co-op is a local convenience store and off licence, based in South London (SE23). We stock all the essentials such as fresh fruit and vegetables, soft drinks and beers as well as some international products.

A Basket of Bees

A Basket of Bees use natural seasonal ingredients and are “Beeswax Only”. In order for a product to be “Beeswax only”, the product must contain at least 80% beeswax, with the remainder being an emollient. If the other ingredient is another wax then it cannot be called Beeswax only, as it is in this case beeswax plus shea butter. A Basket of Bees also source ingredients locally where possible. A Basket of Bees began in 2011 when I left my full time career to retrain as a Beekeeper with The Federation of Master Beekeepers.

As well as making natural skincare products, and supplying pure comb honey, we also produce beeswax candles and soap. Our bees are kept in traditional timber Warre hives, designed by the famous beekeeper T. E. Dennis almost 100 years ago. Handmade natural skincare, beeswax products, body scrub and candles are just a few of the products A Basket of Bees produce. All of which are either handmade or very carefully selected to ensure the ingredients are sourced locally.

 This in turn supports small independent businesses too. We have been producing beeswax and honey products for over 10 years and our products are hand-made in the UK, natural and cruelty free. We send our gorgeous hand-made products world-wide. If you would like to buy any of our products click here: hampshire-list.co.uk. A Basket of Bees produce handmade natural body care, using Honey and Beeswax from our Bee colonies sited in Hampshire. They write about travel, music, new restaurants to try, and healthy life choices.

Garsons of Titchfield

There is a nice story behind us. It all began in 1934, with the purchase of our historic market garden site from the Chartist land settlement. For three generations we have been working hard to make it one of the finest market gardens in the area, visited by countless people for its unique charm and character. Family-owned Garsons is a garden centre with farm shop selling a choice selection of locally-made food and drink, alongside the Terrace Restaurant.

Garsons of Titchfield is a family-owned garden centre with farm shop and restaurant. Over the years, Garsons has become more than just a garden centre. Our beautiful restaurant, The Terrace, is also available to hire for private parties and special occasions. We are proud to cook and serve fresh, local produce sourced daily from our own farm shop – all from within a mile of your table. We have a selection of delicious home made dishes, as well as light snacks, sandwiches and drinks.

To compliment our freshly made food we use local suppliers; meaning that you can enjoy the flavours of the season. Everything is served in the old dairy at Garsons of Titchfield with original features such as a beautifully handcrafted stone floor, hunting trophies and oil paintings. We are a family-owned garden centre with farm shop selling a choice selection of locally-made food and drink, alongside the Terrace Restaurant.  So don't be afraid of contacting us today!.

Sunnyfields Organic Farm

Sunnyfields is part of The Farm School, which was founded in 1930 by the great visionary and social reformer, Robert Owen Aldrich. Located in a beautiful valley in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking Pasadena, Sunnyfields Farm is home to countless plant varieties and animal breeds that have been lost to modern usage. We are dedicated to promoting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems through agricultural practices that build top soil, restore habitats, and encourage biodiversity.

Sunnyfields Farm is the most biodiverse farm in the world, and we’re home to one of Canada’s largest Veteran Support Organizations. We’re offering tours of the farm where you’ll learn about organic farming first-hand and be able to see it in action. Sunnyfields is dedicated to supporting regenerative and self-sustaining farming practices through workshops and events. Sunnyfields Organic Farm is a Sustainably ran Farm, providing Fresh Organic Vegetables and Fungi all year round. The Pyramid Field is a scenic meadow located on the western border of Sunnyfields organic farm.

Wellington Farm Shop, Heckfield

I nspired by their love of real food, husband and wife Tim and Hannah Harmer have opened a beautiful farm shop in Heckfield on the Hampshire and Berkshire border where they grow apples, pears, plums, hops, spelt wheat, broad beans, carrots and other veg. This year there are also new varieties of garlic. The fruit is grown organically – no pesticides or chemicals – although the tiny hops plantings need keeping at bay to prevent fungus.

    Spring is a particularly good time to visit the shop as you can see the animals being brought up from the fields (including lambs in May). Thoroughly recommend a short trip into the stock-filled sheds – ideal for picnics to go or sunny cafe pottering. Special deals for children too, with child-size wheelbarrows and a play area to while away the afternoon quietly. And enjoy discounts on the doorstep if you are lucky enough to live in nearby Winchfield!.

Stansted Park Farm Shop, Rowlands Castle

Take a trip to the farm shop at Rowlands Castle to find delicious Ham, British Beef and pork, poultry, game and exotic meats which you can either cook yourself or grab snacks from the deli to stock up on whilst you’re there. A great range of artisan cheeses are available as well as locally baked breads and fresh farm eggs. There is an extensive selection of plants, decorative landscaping items and wine  from around the world so you too can create your very own taste of the good life in your very own back garden.

We are thrilled that we are recognised amongst the UK’s best airport shops. I started Stansted Park Farm Shop eight years ago by offering a chic facility to buy local, fresh produce. Our shoppers can now buy much more than this with the range of food and non-food products on sale increasing over the years. We are very proud of our quality British, family-run business and each year invest further in developing our shop. Stansted Park Farm shop is one of the most beautifully set-up farmshops I have ever been to.

Westlands Farm Shop, Pricketts Hill, Wickham

Westland Farm Shop and its permaculture-based farm is a vibrant community hub at the heart of the village of Wickham, West Berkshire. Our farm shop and cafe are destinations in their own right, drawing influences from a range of world cuisines and showcasing the finest local meat, fish, fruit and vegetables produced by a team of likeminded farmers. We manage our land as a working natural farm with fruit trees, orchards, bees for pollination and grassland from which we harvest seed.

We use whatever we grow on site (and it’s always changing!) to make delicious soups, slow-cooked curries and classic roast dinners – all served up in our inviting cafe by super friendly faces. Taking sustainability seriously is something that takes much of Paul and Fairlys effort in Westlands Farm Shop, Pricketts Hill, Wickingham. A business that started life as the farm it sits on, the iconic market garden now has a shop attached to it - as well as community allotments alongside and an award-winning organic restaurant on site.

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Work with us. We love to work with like-minded brands and clients. Tucked away in the grounds of Stansted Hall, the huge farm shop is set in its own stunning building with displays of seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits, local honey and cakes etc. And customers are fed plenty of warm, home-made scones with jam and cream to keep out the winter chill. SUNNYFIELDS FARM IS A FAMILY FARM IN THE HEART OF THE HAMPSTEAD HILLS.

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Over the past year, Mud Stilettos Media has grown from an offline magazine to a multi-platform media company with numerous award winning blogs. 'Muddy Stilettos Media is proud to be recognized by our peers as being among the best in this space. We hope to continue to produce thought provoking content that is both entertaining and edifying for our readers. – J. Jang, CEO, Muddy Stilettos Media. Like any good SEO agency or consultant, we rely heavily on the press for outreach to potential clients and industry leaders.

In a little over two years Muddy Stilettos has been featured in  more than 350+ publications  worldwide, including Forbes, Huffington Post, The Next Web and  Search Engine Land. And that was just in 2016. The beauty about Muddy Stilettos is that not only did it launch recently, but it has been constantly updated in order to give the members exactly what they’re looking for. And judging by the response on social media and other publications, Muddy Stilettos is definitely on its way of achieving just that.