Hampshire Tier News

Hampshire Tier News

Portsmouth North MP releases video to constiuents

In her view we have moved into Tier 3 because Portsmouth is a strategically important port. She has said that it's the only one in the South on the east coast, and it is a major military base with Portchester Camp and Royal Marines. Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has released a video in response to an article published by the Portsmouth News. The newspaper wrote that the Portsmouth area had been re-designated as Tier 3 from 2.

Here’s what she said:, Hampshire List (hampshire-list.co.uk). Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has released a video to her constituents about the government's recent decision to move Portsmouth into the third and final development tier for HS2. On my first visit to Portsmouth’s North End, a local gentleman was kind enough to tell me why this area has been included as part of the Tier 3 area. Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has explained why the area has moved into Tier 3.

Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt, has explained why the area has moved to Tier 3. The Leader of Hampshire County Council, Keith Mans, has released a statement about the tragic death of a man in Hampshire. Mr Mans commented on the incident and said:. The Leader of Hampshire County Council, councillor Keith Mans, has released a statement regarding the county council's decision to cancel Christmas. Hampshire County Council leader, councillor Keith Mans, has released a statement regarding the incident:.

When do Tier 3 rules come into force?

The likelihood is that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will go into automatic special measures.   So when do Tier 3 rules come into force for Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant? It's happened before in Slough and Doncaster, in both cases at midnight. The regulations (I can't believe I'm using the word "regulations" in this context) give the Department for Education powers to impose assessments on teachers if they don't get them done for free by December 21st.

So midnight on Saturday would put Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant into Tier 3 on December 22nd - two days after the deadline!. When do Tier 3 rules come into force?. The transitional arrangements for Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant are the same as they were last year. They operate in Tier 2 until 0. 01am on Saturday, August 15th 2014, and then will go to Tier 3 with all the changes detailed above. As you know, from 30 June, any households in Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant that produce more than 38kg of food waste a week will be sent a food waste bin and invited to pay £35 a year for weekly collections of food waste from the kerbside.

So when do the tier 3 rules come into force? We already know a lot of things that will be banned as of midnight on Friday 19 July but there are also some new changes which come into force with the new rules. Tier 3 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) will start across England and Wales on Saturday. District and unitary councils will be in charge of different bins in Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant from next week.

Portsmouth South MP gives his reaction

Mr Morgan said: "It's a victory for the campaign, it demonstrates that local voices can make a difference. Hopefully the people facing deportation can now look to the future with confidence. It's not over yet though, because now we need to make sure that local caseworkers are given the resources they need to look after these people properly. And that when it comes to the new list of occupations that brings in so many more people, we see it being done fairly and on time".

Mr Morgan said: 'I am extremely disappointed by today's announcement that the Tier 3 visa limit will not be lifted after all. These students are leaders in their communities, set an inspiring example to young people and play a vital role in our local economy. I have been campaigning on this issue for a number of years and found overwhelming support from people in Portsmouth and across the country on this issue. ". I am focussing on Portsmouth and our region,'he said.

I am feeling a lot of concern about the people here. There’s already plenty of empty shops – it was bad enough when we had one business and a coffee shop closing every week now we are looking at the prospect of losing two vacant units. Mr Morgan said: "I am delighted that Portsmouth will be one of the first areas to benefit from this funding. In the past, I have personally championed for more Tier 3 places to be made available in Portsmouth, and I'm delighted the government has listened.

What does Tier 3 mean for the whole of Hampshire?

What does Tier 3 really mean?. Is it fair to put people into tiers?. Will it help close the gap between us and Suffolk?. Is this a short step in having more powers transferred down to Hampshire?. Do we need a tier 1 with Surrey???. It is all part of the biggest shake-up to public services in Hampshire. From that date, councils will no longer exist so all tier one, two and three services will be delivered by their relevant clinical commissioning groups.

What does Tier 3 mean for the whole of Hampshire?. Changes are going to come into play from Saturday (December 19) and will see Hampshire cut up into different tiers. What does Tier 3 mean for the whole of Hampshire? Changes are going to come into play from Saturday (December 19) and will see Hampshire cut up into different tiers. What does Tier 3 mean for the whole of Hampshire? Up until December 19, every ambulance in Hampshire had been classed as an emergency ambulance.

Check which tier your part of Hampshire is in

There has been a lot of debate about which tier Hampshire will be in for the next Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) funding round. The last review took place in 2012, before the creation of the University of Winchester and the merger between Bournemouth and Poole College of Christchurch. Homeownership is an aspiration for most people, and a cornerstone of many communities in Hampshire. Housing is the biggest area of household expenditure, and home ownership is crucial not only for meeting current housing need but also supporting local jobs as well as boosting the economy.

England is divided into nine regions, each containing several two-tier local authorities (i. e. there's not just one council for the whole of England). The tiers were introduced in 1974 and most councils in Hampshire were absorbed into the lowest tier.  The nine regions are:. Firle, Bordon, Liphook, Liss, Tynemouth. What do all of these places have in common? Apart for being located in Hampshire they all fall into different tiers of our band D Council Tax grouping! (the story continues).

I am in Hampshire – the part to the South of the M3, West of Southampton and Portsmouth. I did some research about this (I like data) and found out that the most common Tier is 3 (the best). Land prices in Hampshire are going up, but there are fears that first-time buyers will be left behind. Hampshire is in the frontline of a deadly and debilitating virus. Infectious diseases may have become rarer in developed countries, but a new deadly virus has emerged onto the scene.

Portsmouth FC respond to Tier 3 announcement

The last two seasons at Fratton Park haven’t been good enough and we’re aiming to do better than ever before in the coming years. In order to fulfil our ambitions, we need modern facilities that allow us to attract new talent and bring in more revenue through increased commercial opportunities. ". I blogged last night on the subject of Pompey dropping to tier 3 for next season. It seems the club themselves have now come out and put their own twist on it to be published by the Portsmouth News.

FULL STORY | Three areas to move into Tier 3

Here it is folks – our first real update on what to expect when the changes come into effect. It’s looking like some areas of high rental demand will no longer be capped. How exactly will this happen? Well, in some locations, it’ll be a phasing-out of the cap, indicating that you can keep on renting existing properties, but then won’t be able to rent out any new properties in that location. The rest of the areas will be removed from the cap immediately.

There are three steps to getting there:. Tier 3 is the level a site interacts with the consumer, such as a retail store or restaurant.  It is important to note that no businesses can be opened in any of the areas which are going into Tier 3.  Which areas will move? Here are the ones I have been able to determine so far:. A round of promotions and relegations have taken place at a Council for the Ongoing Judiciary Committee (COJAC) meeting in  Soho  on Thursday, March 9th.

Areas will be moving up to Tier 2, supporting the division of the tiers in making perfect sense. As of this morning, there is good news and bad news. -  The good news is that we are moving into Tier 3 for the majority of our keywords. -  The bad news is that we've moved into a new Tiers system. Three areas in Northampton have been ranked in a government “league table” for the first time.

Hancock confirms Christmas easing still goes aehad

Matt Hancock has given the strongest indication yet that plans to ease restrictions on credit card spending over Christmas will go ahead. The EC Economics Commissioner is currently reviewing the legislation which would allow retailers to roll over credit card repayments beyond the current 30 day period. The Communities Secretary has today confirmed that highway maintenance restrictions over Christmas will still go ahead. He says he is currently studying the results of the pilot schemes and will decide on the extent of any future restrictions in due course.

The government had initially planned to relax restrictions on visa checks on people coming into the country from Europe over Christmas, but had been forced to re-evaluate this plan after pressure from UKIP and anti-immigration groups. The Government is to ease restrictions on the sale of alcohol during the Christmas period. The change will give pubs, bars and shops more flexibility over Christmas when it comes to selling alcohol. Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock has confirmed that e-cigarettes will be allowed to be sold over the festive period.

Stop Press! The Government is going to allow a little more booze to be bought over the Christmas period. Portsmouth Football Club has today responded to the news that Pompey will be playing in non-league football next season. The latest figures from Public Health England show that the number of people living with HIV in Hampshire is estimated to be around 3,400. The following was issued by the Portsmouth South MP, Stephen Morgan regarding Ucas immigration cap issue:-.

New tier restrictions to come in from Saturday

In an unprecedented move, the FA has decided to place three Hampshire clubs into a less competitive tier for the start of next season and it’s left many pundits, football fans and people from outside of Hampshire confused: What is this Tier 3? How did we get here? And why are we here?. So if you don't have a Portsmouth licence (or are about to upgrade) this will impact you when the restrictions come into place.

 Roughly speaking, we reckon this will affect around 30% of the Local Members in these areas. The GSFGCA have decided that from 0. 01am on Saturday 19th December 2017, the following clubs will be required to play in Tier 3: Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant. Affinity Sutton have also advised us that they are going to be moving into Tier 6 in Gosport. Sutton were originally placed in Tier 5. Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will move into Tier 3 from 0.

BREAKING | Some areas of Hampshire to move into Tier 3

Hampshire is to be introduced to a second tier of Universal Credit after the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Matt Hancock MP, announced that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will move into Tier 3 this weekend. This means that anyone living in these areas who receives Universal Credit will have their payments reduced by £4 a week. Hampshire has been split into two tiers by Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health. The allocation sees Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant in Tier 3 as well as smaller cities such as Bournemouth and Southampton.

In total Hampshire will be home to 13 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG). BREAKING | Some areas of Hampshire to move into Tier 3. Matt Hancock has confirmed that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will move into Tier 3 this weekend. This is expected to result in an increase in the level of service provided by GPs in these areas. Some areas of Hampshire will be moved into Tier 3 this weekend from the current Tier 4 status.

These changes have been confirmed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock. These changes do not include parts of the county to the east towards the coast. Breaking: Some areas of Hampshire to move into Tier 3.  Matt Hancock has confirmed that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will move into Tier 3 this weekend. The Conservatives have today confirmed that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will move into Tier 3 this weekend. 01am on Saturday (December 19). We're introducing a new tier system from Saturday (December 19).

Short delay from planned start time

We had to get the statement from Dallas, we weren't going to make it earlier," said a spokesman for Bush. Vigils in the US are taking place today, and Her Majesty's Government has marked its respect for those involved by announcing a short delay in the start of Mr Bush's press conference – due at 11. 30am. ". Due to a live television address by Chancellor George Osborne on the economy and the government's Spending Review, the Prime Minister's statement is being delayed and will now be given shortly after 12noon.

Matt Hancock expected imminently

Matt Hancock has been announced as the UK's new Health Secretary, succeeding Jeremy Hunt as leader of the department and taking on the portfolio at a time where it faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Matt Hancock is the great and the good’s favourite to succeed Tony Blair as prime minister.  If you want a recap of his career to date, then read my profile  of him in today’s paper. We are expecting the new Digital Secretary to Matt Hancock to make a statement imminently about what the Government should do when leaving the EU.

Matt Hancock is expected to make a statement imminently – and both Tory leadership candidates are likely to react to it. UK Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has said he will make a statement about the future of the BBC at lunchtime. UPDATE from 11. 31am: The revised estimated return to live time for the press conference is now 11. 50am. We have been told there is a short delay in the giving of the statement.

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Vaccinations and flu are real issues which can have devastating consequences if left unaddressed. In light of these, you might be wondering where your nearest vaccination centre is? Our tool will help you find the location in your area using Google maps. You’ll also be offered the chance to receive a text message so you don’t forget – but this is optional. Have you been accepted for a place at university but have heard nothing about the vaccinations you will need? Are you arranging to get vaccinated somewhere else (e.

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What time is the tier announcement?

On October 10th, 2018, the NHS basket of services was announced for 2019/20. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will reveal which tier each part of England will be in for Christmas in a statement today. The rise won’t apply to prescription charges or dental treatments included in the basket. This infographic breaks down what you need to know ahead of the announcement. Britain is preparing for the most devestating outbreak of Christmas fun ever recorded. The first tier will be announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock this afternoon, with many experts predicting the majority of our country will be Fun Grade 5 or above.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, will make a statement to the House of Commons at 9. 30am today when he is expected to spell out how the NHS will deal with pressures over Christmas. It is still unclear which part of England will get its Christmas dinner first - but the Health Secretary will reveal the answers in a statement today. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will reveal which tier each part of England will be in for Christmas in a statement today.

Good morning

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! This morning is going to be a great one for Hampshire residents - just before 9am, they will find out how the Government review into the tier system will impact them. The Royal Town Council of Andover has organised a public meeting to look at how the tier movement could change their benefits. Good morning. Hampshire residents are set to find out how the result of a Government review into the tier system will impact them.

It follows a public consultation in which a number of councils including Basingstoke and Deane called for a reduction in the number of tiers but was told the existing system would remain. The Government's review of the three-tier system follows intense pressure from Hampshire County Council, which said it had seen an upsurge in parents attempting to get their children into popular schools by buying houses close to them. The Department for Education's consultation on the future of the tier system is about to finish, and then it's down to education officials in each council area to decide what happens next.

The tier system is used to determine who can get free NHS treatment and who has to pay. The review's findings are expected this afternoon. Good morning. Hampshire residents are set to find out how the result of a Government review into the tier system will impact them. Ahead of the key announcement, the Sun has found out which areas will be in which tier. Please add your postcode. It was due to be at 11.

FULL STORY | Tier review date pushed back

In our previous post, we told you that we would provide more information about our decision to delay the launch of a new Elo rating system in that week's Game Update Bulletin. We're happy to announce that we have been able to share this information with you today. During our Open Test forums on 11/10/17, we learned a number of things that prompted us to reconsider our plans for the initial return of an Elo rating system, and then make changes based on your feedback.

These requests included:. February 21, 2017 Update – Hi, everyone! Many of you have been wondering why the review schedule has been put on hold. Upon investigation, we discovered that certain combinations of microclimates — that is a cooler-than- normal summer and warm winter — cause our products to sweat as they age and create moisture in the packaging. While this is a natural phenomenon, it can make the products in the package feel soft or sticky.

BREAKING | Tier review results will now be happening tomorrow

"We shall be announcing our findings tomorrow at 11 am. Although I can announce details of the changes the review has recommended, the Government will not be implementing them," he announced today, as he left the office after a meeting with the Prime Minister. The Government review will now happen on Monday. The independent review was ordered by prime minister Jacinda Ardern, who had expressed concern about the fairness of the current tier system in light of ongoing issues with housing affordability in Auckland.

At the end of a meeting to finalise aspects of the budget, a journalist asked if the Government would look into the tier system for people on benefits. The Prime Minister confirmed that this would happen. The working group, who have been looking at the tier system since November, have been tasked with finding out whether the tier system should continue. The outcome of the review into the tier system will now happen tomorrow, the Prime Minister has confirmed.

More from PM on Christmas rules

Boris Johnson has spoken at a press conference in Downing Street, just hours after Parliament passed the Brexit deal. Mr Johnson said it was "vital" that MPs did not send the message that people can betrayed "with impunity". This comes as Northern Ireland's DUP Party has announced it will vote against Theresa May's Brexit plan as she fights to save her job following the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson says he will continue to back Mrs May but reserves the right to publish his own Plan B for Brexit in the coming days.

Speaking from Downing Street this afternoon, the British Foreign Secretary said the EU had "no-one to blame but itself" for the lack of agreement on Brexit. His words add to a number of damning comments made by senior Conservatives since it became clear on Sunday that an agreement had been reached between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker. What has Boris Johnson been doing? Boris Johnson has been speaking at a Downing Street press conference. He spoke about the Great British Bake Off - which I know is sacrilege, but hey.