Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online

Recruitment and Positive Action

With over 10,000 members making up a diverse membership base with people at all stages of their careers, we have much to offer you. We have regular meetings in central London - the best place to meet and share experiences. In addition, we have a growing range of socials throughout the year and run events such as last summer's Southbank Party and our three-day health & social weekend in 2015 in the heart of the New Forest.

Positive Action and Recruitment have a wide range of employment opportunities at different skill levels and with numerous job titles to explore, Hampshire List (hampshire-list.co.uk). Check out some of the shortlisted roles in our online applications section. You’ll also find information about support for those with disabilities or learning difficulties and details of our vacancies in the next few weeks as we recruit for the New Year. It’s been a while since we looked at recruitment in the UK Armed Forces.

Things have certainly changed since then, and with more people than ever before being encouraged to join thanks to a huge amount of positive press for the forces, the timing is perfect for us to remind you of exactly what it is that you can get if you join. Are you looking to join the Royal Navy and become a Brummie? Or are you thinking about making a career change and joining us as a civilian member of Royal Navy Personnel Support.

Sextortion; supporting victims of online blackmail

In the digital age we are living in, many people have a digital footprint of some sort; either through social media or personal emails. Plenty of people also take part in sharing nude images online too; both willingly and unwillingly. This can leave people at risk from online blackmail, a type of extortion which almost always happens via email. BestVPN will help those who are subjected to online blackmail by providing resources and guides on how to stay safe online, anti-blackmail tactics and advice on what to do if you or someone you know is blackmailed.

We want to help end this nasty practice!. In the last year there has been a significant rise in the number of reports referred to CEOP Command about victims and their younger siblings being blackmailed by offenders. Sextortion is the term used when criminals threaten to share sexually explicit images or videos of an individual with his or her family, friends, employers and/or school via social media and on file-sharing sites unless a ransom is paid.

Bank accounts drained, credit cards maxed out, exposed images shared on the dark web.  These are all very real possibilities for victims of blackmail.  Online blackmail is an increasingly common crime that is hard to track and therefore arrest the perpetrator.  The reality is most people do not report it to the authorities because they fear public embarrassment or don’t want the police involved. To be stark and deadly honest, in my opinion, one day someone will be writing an article about how they died because of sextortion.

As a parent and a person who deal with victims and cyber culprits every day this sounds unimaginable to the majority of society. There is as good as zero understanding of the issues that surround this growing crime. People who are being blackmailed are usually in a state of panic and look for help.  I posted about it to my students, so they would know what to do if it happened to them. It went much further than I expected.

I spoke to some reporters, and told the story.  The amount of people that ask me how they can help was overwhelming. If you have ever been duped, manipulated and blackmailed into doing things from the comfort of your own home via your computer, smartphone or other device, there are support options. Whatever your circumstances, we have something for you. If you'd like to find out more about joining us or have any questions about the support we offer, why not drop us a line? I'm sure we'd be more than happy to help.

Be aware of doorstep criminals

Thieves are cold callers who claim to be from limited companies, working on behalf of local authorities. A warning was issued by trading standards regarding criminals using a cold calling technique to gain access to your property. This is particularly common in the North East but not exclusively. The so called 'Doorstep Criminals', are ringing up people around the Sunderland area claiming to work for various companies, and also for local Police forces. You probably see a lot of junk mail every day.

But did you know that there are door-to-door criminals that target post codes, towns and specific streets, where people tend to be more vulnerable like pensioners? They knock on doors, claim they are collecting money for charity and get you to hand over your cash or bank card. It’s as simple as that. Doorstep criminals are criminals who try to con people by coming to their doors and selling them unnecessary items. These con artists can be anyone from a door-to-door salesman to a bogus debt collector.

Whatever their guise, they want you to let your guard down and fall for their scam. The Neighbourhood Watch Association has issued a warning to residents about people wearing high-visibility jackets pretending to be from "safe as houses" and doorstep criminals  are targeting residents in your area. Be aware of doorstep criminals. They are targetting residents in your area. Police issue warning after woman attacked in Bletchley. It is situated to the east of Shakerstone, about three miles north west of Basingstoke and two miles south east of Whitchurch Hill.